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What is it that attracts young girls to rich elder men and vice versa ? The young women wants the sugar daddy kind of guy who invests in her body, beauteousness and wardrobe. Maybe. But she is also interested in his wisdom, his reputation, his experiences and she wants to be secured. The elder man wants not only the young body and the beauteousness, but he prefers a young women because she makes him feel younger. Maybe he wants children, adding new blood to his family, and that only works with a younger women.

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Rich man and his advantages

What does a rich man own or what can he buy that interests a young woman ?

First of all jewelry in any case, materials (gold, platinum, silver) or forms (like watches, rings, bracelets, barrettes, necklaces and so on). A good looking sports car or sport utility vehicle can be an interesting object too. When we talk about a real rich man, he also can buy the young lady houses and real estates. But also she would be very happy about vacation trips that he can invite her too. Or he can spend his money on visiting nice restaurants or for example places like a SPA.

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