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Why dating a Rich Man Can Help or Hurt You

Thinking of dating a rich man for reasons that have little or nothing to do with finding romance? Well, if this is your reason, then be prepared for some unexpected surprises. You just might find the rich man has a plan or two for what he may call “your type” if you should ever rub him the wrong way.

Dating a man of wealth can be a help to any woman because he has the knowledge, the assets, network, and other useful things that can teach you how to gain additional money. Dating a rich man can also benefit you financially, mentally and spiritually depending on what his personal strengths might be.

These successful men can be discerning when it comes to dating certain women. They can see right through any front a seductress, seeking gold, might decide to use in an effort to lure these rich gentlemen into giving her their hard-earned money for a little of nothing in return.

Many young women tend to fail at meeting the rich men they truly want and end up settling with spiritually poor, rich men they don’t care much about, because they chose to ignore early warning signs. They decided the money was more important than the rich man’s personality, spiritual background, personal views, etc. Before long, these women are personally frustrated, miserable being in relationships with unattractive, stubborn, or even angry rich men. They are worried sometimes for their lives, children, businesses, and more, because eventually their men discover their mates don’t like or love them. Now that these women have acquired much in these bad relationships, they won’t stop at nothing to maintain what they have received even if it means belittling oneself.

Women with little self-esteem and self-respect will tolerate much from some manipulative, wealthy men, because in their minds they feel like there is no one else in their lives that can help them. These young ladies will find ways to be the perfect mate and will try very hard to make their wealthy partners happy even if their efforts end up being fruitless.

Dating a rich, controlling man, who doesn’t respect women very much, can chip away at one’s good-natured personality. She may find herself just as short-tempered, bitter or hateful as he. Being reliant on any rich man whether he is nice, attractive, loving or overbearing can make a young woman do the following: become dependent on him for much, stifle her career aspirations, make her feel unimportant, and give him much power over her life.

When one chooses to date rich, she must have something in her life that she is proud of and work to protect it. From the positives traits she sees within herself to the job she loves, she mustn’t forget about these things and others that make up who she is. Otherwise, a man with ill intentions will come into her life and break her down leaving her with nothing more than past memories of a youthful, vibrant, and wonderful human being who once was hopeful about her future.

Things to keep in mind when dating a rich man:

1. Watch for signs that he is controlling. Does he often talk you out of doing the things you want to do? Does he appear like he really cares about you when in fact he is trying to keep you close to him, so that you are no longer independent?

2. Do suggest to your date people to see, places to go and things to do. Watch his reaction. If you find he makes you feel uncomfortable and isn’t open to listening to what you have to say, just imagine what a future of conversations with him might look like. Constant feelings of frustration, misunderstandings, and anger are all signs that you both are incompatible.

3. Don’t rely solely on his money and gifts; always have a means to pay for the stuff you want. You never know when he might cut you off.

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