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Where to Find Wealthy Men to Date

Seeking a rich man to date really isn’t difficult if you know where to look. Notice where you go and who you talk to at your favorite spots. Are these people the type who talk about ideas or talk about problems? Wealthy, educated men, who enjoy earning money, helping others, and entertaining themselves, typically avoid atmospheres that are boring, cheap, and filled with unattractive people looking and acting ugly when they have free time. The average rich man enjoys a place where he feels most comfortable being himself while eating good food and drinking his favorite drink. From visiting family and friends in a local neighborhood to going to a state of the art sports bar, the rich man periodically goes out and mingles with friends.

Some places you might find rich men to date include: establishments popular amongst his peer group and local businesses that provide services from entertainment to healthcare. The next time you see a handsome stranger in the elevator or in the parking lot, just smile. You never know if he is a single, wealthy available man looking for companionship.

Sporting events, art galleries, concerts, country clubs, trade shows, and seminars, these are all places that you will find good-looking, successful men. They may be seated in pricey seats close to the game or testing products at a trade show. Listen to their conversation, observe their mannerisms, and watch how much they pay for some of their drinks, souvenirs, and gadgets. Sometimes drunken friends will give up the details on their sober, rich friend, so don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation.

From high-end department stores to local boutiques, rich men will shop stores with quality clothing that fit them well. They purchase clothes built to last so they don’t have to frequently shop. While visiting one of those well-known pricey stores, you just might see your rich gentleman in the men’s department catching a Father’s Day sale.

Restaurants/Coffee Shops
Being rich and single means one can splurge every now and again on expensive coffee, a freshly made deli sandwich, or a tender juicy steak. Scout around and you just might find the rich man dining alone every night at the same restaurant or picking up coffee around the same time. Keep your eyes open!

The chances you will spot a rich guy in a poor neighborhood are very slim and if you do, you have to wonder what he is doing on a shoddy side of town. In a well-maintained neighborhood or posh city area is where you will find the man with class. He enjoys comfort, safety, and beauty in his neighborhood.

Special Events
Charity events, auctions, parties, trade shows, museums, resorts, weddings, and even car dealerships is where you will find rich men talking about sports, business, and family. Strategically place your beautiful self where the rich man’s eyes might roam and you just might be exchanging phone numbers.

Bars/Night Clubs
Happy hours at bars and nightclubs that cater to the sophisticated, professional crowd are places you just might bump into a well-known name or two. Be sure you do your research to find out who is in your hometown this weekend. Learn about the places the rich and famous frequent when in town. You just might meet some rich fans at those popular bars and nightclubs.

If you are having little to no success meeting rich men, take some time to do a self-check ask questions like: How can I improve my appearance? Where am I going to meet men? Am I often bringing the girls along and could that be intimidating for some men? Do I come across too strong, desperate, or timid? Whatever the issue might be within, address it and then get back out there!

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