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On Rich Dating: Materialism and Greed

She dates him because of his many assets and finances. He dates her because he is greedy for sex. The two seem to be okay with one another until someone comes along that has more money and is sexier. The dating life of the rich and want-to-be rich, one can have almost anyone at anytime do almost anything as long as he or she can produce cash, check, credit, or debit card.

Dating for love or money?
The more one has, the more one wants, so the old adage goes. Being poor isn’t something that one with no money is going to share with those who can’t help them. So the needy hide their intentions when dating the rich. They appear as if they are financially okay when they are not. There are dating sites that welcome the poor to come and shop for a rich date. It is on these sites where it is clear most are dating for money and not for love and the affluent don’t mind sharing.

When one is rich dating someone poor, he or she doesn’t mind spoiling the poor person, because the wealthy one knows just how much he or she will appreciate his or her acts of kindness while hoping to receive more in the future. However, dating someone who is already rich, poses a different set of challenges—the kind that might make someone crazed with rage. A person who has more than enough clothes, cars, places to live, and other things, isn’t interested in what one can do for him or her materially; rather, he or she is interested in what the “heart” can do for them. A person with a record of breakups is not going to settle down with just anyone and most likely will be turned off if someone so much as acts like he or she wants money, power or fame via dating.

The matters of the heart are brought out through a series of questions over a period of time such as: What is on one’s mind? What kind of person does one seek to spend time with for now or for the rest of his or her life? How does one truly feel about me? What spiritual benefits does this person bring? How might he or she fit in with the rest of the family? Is there more to this person besides what he or she looks like? People who are focused on getting aren’t the least bit interested in the person’s needs seated in front of them.

Consider questioning a date about money in an effort to test whether he or she is the greedy type or not, “How much money do you need to be happy? Once the money is received, what might you spend it on? When your family or friends are in need, do you help them and do you expect something in return for their help?” Greedy individuals who love all things material will not go into in-depth conversation about their personal life or discuss one’s spiritual needs, because most likely they believe they are okay as long as they have money and other things. Avaricious people aren’t the least bit concerned about your personal views unless they affect their receiving any future material goods from you, saving money for their needs, etc. The need for more money, sex, travel, time, and more is always high priorities for ravenous individuals. “I know I just saw you not that long ago, but when are you coming over? I know you just bought me XYZ, but I also need…Do you have any more money? Could you get me some more…”

Take the time to examine yourself on whether you are greedy for more of something. Think about someone who might have more than enough in your circle and still is unhappy. What might you say to this person? When dating someone rich or poor, keep in mind there is more to the relationship besides “What can this person do for me?” Many relationships have broken apart due to greedy behaviors and a love for money and things.

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