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Lies of the Rich: When He Could Help You, But Won’t

A date is just that a date, someone who seeks companionship, affection, and assistance with one’s life. The latter is what many daters overlook. So when a young woman desires to date a rich man, she is not only looking for the popular qualities that most want in a relationship like: love, honesty, commitment, etc. but she also needs a man that is willing to assist her in her time of need and vice versa. Yet, when one lies about his riches, makes excuses to avoid helping her, and tries to talk her out of her requests because he is selfish, the courtship ends up being nothing more than yet another bad romance.

When dating one must forget about the past, give the new person the benefit of the doubt, and make the most of his or her courtship—learning, growing and loving! Liars destroy relationships and the affluent man is no exception! He may story-tell more than most because he is attempting to protect his wealth, but is lying really worth it especially when his date doesn’t have access to anything of his unless he permits her?

“I don’t have a lot of money.”

Many rich people don’t consider themselves rich because they see so much money leaving their hands. However, when a man can afford to go places that most can’t, when he can buy toys that other men only wish they could borrow (if only for a moment,) and when he says things like, “I enjoy shopping at...” and you know that everything in his favorite store is expensive, he must have an abundance of money coming from somewhere. When unexpected problems happen with the rich man, he can readily get them fixed unlike the poor man who puts off things like needed home repairs. You might want to test your rich man on his statement, “I don’t have a lot of money.” Maybe he doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on you, because he has high overhead that he has acquired for himself.

“I can’t afford to buy that, because…”

Notice how a man dresses and cares for himself, now if he can buy such lavish things for himself, but not for the one who he claims he likes so much and may want a future, there is something wrong with Mr. Selfish. In all fairness, the request you might ask may be ridiculous, over-priced or a real bank breaker, but if it seems to be reasonable, yet a date responds with a myriad of excuses, recognize that you are with someone who is looking for a bargain basement deal—you give it up to him for a little bit of nothing!

“I really wish I could help you, but…”

So why doesn’t he? His reason may be untrue especially if he has yet to help you with anything. A wealthy man who has been dating young women for a time may have learned how to distribute his money in such a way where he puts all of them on a budget. If you already obtained so many outings, gifts and other things from him, the well is going to go dry and he isn’t going to keep dispensing anything without getting something back which might exceed what others may or may not be doing for him. But if you haven’t received much of anything from him, who knows, the rich man might really be experiencing hard times. If so, don’t be so willing to help him when you know you can barely help yourself. Rich men always find ways to get money from someone, something and somewhere!

“I’m getting a divorce.”

He may really be thinking about divorcing his wife; however not anytime soon if he has assets tied to her and children between them. Move on until you see official paperwork that indicates he is indeed divorced. Then check his background to ensure he did in fact get a divorce. Don’t believe promises he will help you during or after his divorce is finalized. Once single again, the last thing he will be thinking about is spending money when he knows he needs to be saving. Some former husbands have lost much money in court and most likely these rich divorced men do not want to be marrying anytime soon.

“This is my only….”

From “This is my only child” to “This is my only property…” there just might be a “but” following. If you have found that the rich man has been lying, you just might want to gradually distance yourself from this liar! A wealthy man who is obligated to other people, places and things may not have the money to assist you, but then again he might, but he could be thinking, “What am I going to get if I should help her?” If he knows, there is nothing to gain such as: name recognition with a prestigious or well-known organization you might be connected to, help with his business ventures, a monetary return on investment, or a night or two in bed with you, he will play the game of “This is my only…” and may go so far as to see if you will help him.

Another reason why he will emphasize what he supposedly has one of (even though he may have two, three or more) is because he doesn’t want to turn you off so early in the dating game. If he has sincere feelings for you, he doesn’t want to bring to the table his headaches, heartaches, etc. He might also be a selfish individual when it comes to people asking for his things, so he will cover up the fact that he has more elsewhere from candy to cars.

“I called you back, you didn’t get my message?”

Depending on what the call was about, if days go by and you haven’t heard from a date after making a request he do something for you, he is avoiding you for any number of reasons including anything that comes with a price tag. Some women unfortunately give up their ideas, services, bodies, and even their souls to men who take what they give and move on to the next one. When you finally do hear from this man, who found you quite beautiful and nice when he first met you, yet now acts as if you are a liability, start from the beginning again asking him what he might want from you then tell him quite boldly what he has to do for you to get what he wants.

If your rich date should want a committed relationship, remind him putting you off for days at a time is not the way to go about it. Maybe he did attempt to call back, but if his number is a no-show in the caller id, even though you have viewed it plenty in the past, he is giving you a clear sign he is not a trustworthy character.

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