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How to Know a Rich Date is a Closet Racist, Homophobic

You might have someone in your family who isn’t your skin color, doesn’t like dating the opposite gender, and has liberal views. You may have been brought up in an environment where people just didn’t act prejudice toward others--at least that you know of.

When dating, most people are so concerned with things like: security, status, and what someone looks like, that they don’t bother to think on a deep level about other things that make up a person such as: culture, social class, sexuality, morals, and ethnicity.

A dater usually learns when controversial subject matter is presented, usually during a dispute, or while talking with a rich date’s social circle, what views he strongly holds near to his heart about different people.

Racist behavior and insulting speech about homosexuality can come as a surprise when speaking with someone who most think is “nice” and “a great guy.” However, others in the rich guy’s circle may know different and expect him to act accordingly especially if he belongs to an influential social club or has impressive connections via a job or business. Yet, a date, which hasn’t been with someone very long and is unaware of how some affluent organizations operate, may not have a clue as to what she may learn about the successful individual she is dating.

Yahoo dictionary defines racism as, “The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.” Therefore, when dating one who is wealthy says something like, “Those ‘people’ are terrible with their money or how do you know them? I know their type, they are all like that because of their rubbish lifestyles and I wouldn’t be caught dead with them!” What he is really communicating is, “I don’t mix with those types of people and you shouldn’t either.” There is a lot said in what appears to be a simple opinion when in all actuality a date is communicating what he expects from you if you should continue to date.

A rich man who finds the homosexual lifestyle, or any lifestyle morally offensive, has a right to his opinion just like his date, but when you find that his words are getting in the way of your relationship with him, this should be a cause for concern. What if a relative is homosexual, how might he react? What if you have friends who are lesbian, will he discourage you from being with them?

Many wealthy men have been raised by prejudice parents and have spent time with others who lived during a time when treating one’s ethnicity better than others was acceptable. Some have shared their personal views with offspring which has created yet another generation that has its share of bigoted opinions.

Social class is also a factor with some men who believe they are better than others, who don’t look like them or fall in a certain income category. Therefore, they don’t want to be associated with people who aren’t doing as well as them.

A young woman who simply wants to be loved will need to consider what she will have to tolerate in order to achieve a rich man’s trust, love, respect and gifts. There are those issues in one’s personality that range from being moody to being impatient, but then there are others that leave couples feeling angry and resentful. Treating others unfairly because it is assumed that a group acts a certain way will cause issues in a relationship especially with a young person who has yet to experience being treated negatively by others who are different than she.

Know what your red buttons are when it comes to topics like racism and sexuality then take a stand when you don’t agree with another’s opinion. By doing this, you will save yourself from many difficult times with someone who may not agree to disagree. Signs a rich date might have issues with different ethnicities and sexualities include:

1. He pretends to like them as long as they work for him, but behind closed doors he rants about them and avoids contact with other ethnicities and nationalities unless he must.
2. He makes stereotypical comments and jokes that make those around him feel uncomfortable.
3. He talks to people of his own ethnicity in a kind and passionate way and then with others he is rude and arrogant.
4. He is viewed by others as being “difficult, strange, mean, prejudice…”
5. He doesn’t like who you associate with and will tell you either boldly or share a story about his personal experience in the hopes that you will catch on to how he feels.
6. He acts uncomfortable around those who don’t share his views and may verbalize his dislike for them either to their face, behind their back or both.

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