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Educated Women Earn the Right to Marry Rich Men

Young women, why settle for less when dating men? You have spent years being taught from the wise, educated, and wealthy around you on how to be a classy, sophisticated, smart, young woman. Relatives and life experiences have trained and tested you on making smart decisions. But what some young, intelligent women will do is lower their standards for the handsome guy living paycheck to paycheck or the mature, unattractive guy who is so far deep in debt, responsibilities, stress, and more. Sticking it out with these types and others, who don’t fit the educated woman’s personality or lifestyle, will only make them feel in time that they just can’t find a man who is right for them. So these smart women give up on their dreams to date and keep a rich, wise, and attractive man.

The educated, fit, beautiful, and unique women should be picky when it comes to selecting a future companion. Years of schooling, being raised by strict parents, eating healthy and exercising has earned them this right! Why not expect and choose the best in the pool of available bachelors? These mentally and physically fit women mustn’t allow the men to persuade, manipulate, or distract them into believing that they are indeed “The One” or “Mr. Right.” One must clear away the smoke and mirrors when dating.

Rich men as well as the poor, ignorant, and deceitful types notice the star in the room. It is then that they put their plans in motion on how to bed the dame before marrying her. Being in a “good woman’s” presence will boost any man’s ego, make him popular with the guys, and overall give him motivation to love again. Yet, the sweet deceit of dating someone for anything more than just love will cause the supposedly wise woman to fall for just about any trap. One must be clever as a fox while being gentle as a lamb when conversing, connecting and ultimately marrying a man of one’s choice. She must look beyond what the man chooses to present to her and be able to view the characteristics of the gentleman’s mind, body and spirit.

Rich men are discovering that they need not continuously dip in their bank accounts to appease an educated woman with a job and so they find ways to save their money while helping her spend her finances. These women may be educated, but they must also use common sense especially when it comes to money. Men still make more money than most women around the world, so why spend your last dollar trying to appear like you are so self-sufficient?

Enjoying life to the fullest cost money, a woman of intelligence isn’t the type to sit at home and watch TV during most of her free time. She is very interested in seeing and experiencing a life that is comprised of what she has learned from years of schooling. A man with little money, education or self-esteem is unable to comprehend an intelligent woman’s ideas/dreams/goals, relationship communication, and her lifestyle. Therefore, the young woman’s eyes must pass over the man who offers little intelligent communication, time, or money and begin to focus on the man who can give her much.

Who wouldn’t want to be connected with someone who can help, love and appreciate them? What person wouldn’t want to be in the circle of another’s influence and learn as much as he or she possibly can to better one’s self? Can a poor, broken, mentally disturbed or angry man do such things irregardless of what he looks like and how much money he makes?

The educated woman knows that her selection in a mate, must meet her standards, not his. She cannot afford to settle for less—loved ones are watching.

Consider the many poorly matched couples who have partners who lack intelligence, who have personality disorders, and come from dysfunctional families. It seems that the wounded one is grabbing at the successful one in the hopes of bringing one’s lover down, rather than lifting him or her up. Why is that? Because during a desperate moment in one’s life the intelligent one decided to take what he or she could get.

When an educated woman realizes who she is, her potential, and what she can offer a rich man, she will not waste time with people who just can’t comprehend who she is and what she wants out of life.

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