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Dating Rich Older Men Can Prematurely Age You if You Let It

You are young, beautiful and vibrant and aren’t concerned much about acting mature and settling down. You know there is much you want to see and do in this life and the last thing you want is to spend most days relaxing in front of an electronic device. If this describes you, then you will want to be very selective when it comes to dating rich older men. Most are not the type that enjoy doing things like: visiting relatives and friends for long periods of time, vacationing, shopping, or hanging out amongst large crowds. Depending on the demands of their jobs, businesses and also the quality of their health will determine how active they are and how willing they would be to do anything else outside of work related responsibilities. Many mature men find their free time is better spent at home alone since they have already done much in their youth.

You will want to check for signs a date is the type that doesn’t like getting out much, so that he or she doesn’t influence you to change your ways. Being young and beautiful doesn’t last for always; therefore, you will want to date someone that is more suitable to your personality and has similar interests. Many single women often settle for rich men who they have no commonalities. They do this because they are focused on the one or two traits of a date that benefit them; rather than the whole package.

Some young women enjoy sex more than their older partners and are disappointed when they learn that these rich men can’t satisfy them emotionally, physically or both. Money buys many things, but what it can’t do is buy genuine emotions. A young woman who isn’t that into a rich older man will find herself forcing to connect with him even when she really doesn’t find him attractive, charming, or kind, but his wealth, fame and power is what draws her near.

The age difference between the rich older gentleman and the younger woman can be a challenge for the couple, especially if the young woman acts in ways that are immature and ignorant. If she desires to please her older man, she will begin to change who she is to suit him; rather than allow maturity to naturally occur. When out in public, the young woman may feel pressured not to do or say anything that might showcase her silliness. Before long, she may find herself acting years older in her attempt to fit in with the older gentlemen’s inner circle.

Sometimes young women dating rich older men will ditch certain relatives and friends, because they are not considered “good” people for his image. Once again, in order to satisfy her older date’s wishes, the young woman will abandon certain friendships and behave in ways that are not true to her character. Her new behavior can be a deterrent to how her loved ones relate to her and cause much frustration.

Some mature men are simply turned off, even jealous, of the socially active, educated and happy young women making their marks on society. They know that the aging process is happening much faster for them, then their younger mates. This is a worry for some because they know that it is only a matter of time that the relationship will come to an end due to any number of things: a drive to accomplish dreams without a need of a man or a younger, handsome man entering the young woman’s life.

Conversation that was once fun and cordial between the pair turn into what sounds like a script, where the young woman finds herself suppressing the “real me,” so as to please a critical mate who many not like her youthfulness.

Those good times just don’t last forever in some May-December romances. They can end badly leaving the two feeling like the relationship was nothing more than an act.

Some things to look out for that show when a young woman is prematurely aging while dating an older man:
1. She tries hard to act older such as: using impressive words she wouldn’t ordinarily use, pretending that she is knowledgeable about some people and places and things when it is noticeable she is not.
2. She is often worried or appears stressed while dating the mature man.
3. She dresses and looks older since dating him.
4. She suppresses her desires for affection and sex because her partner’s needs are infrequent.

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