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Date Rich Man – Is it Really Worth It?

What type of woman envisions herself dating a rich man? She is an opportunist, successful, educated, or one who is aspiring to become wealthy herself one day. Dating a rich man is well worth the challenges that come with him when a woman is emotionally, spiritually and financially stable, because she knows that she can do well being with someone who is like her. But it can be difficult, if she is no match for a rich man and has nothing to offer him in personality, beauty, or intelligence. A woman may not have much material wealth and still land a rich guy, but it doesn’t mean that she can keep him.

Most women have been programmed since childhood to make their selves available to the handsome man with riches while avoiding the unsuccessful one. Girls grow up knowing that to connect one’s self with “the bad boy” may be exciting at first, but it doesn’t necessarily mean he will love only you and be willing to take care of you for always. Many girls learn later in life, through terrible personal experiences or observing friends’ unfortunate circumstances, that “the bad boy” is labeled this for good reason while the nice and smart guys are usually the ones who are most likely going to succeed in life. These prosperous guys were overlooked in high school and some are still ignored as adults.

Dating a rich and handsome man is what most women, both young and old, wanted since childhood. Those toy dolls, Barbie had Ken, she grew up playing with had everything she ever wanted. The creators of those dolls put them in a world of pretty things i.e.) cars, homes, clothes, and stores. Most women who grew up with these toys wanted their imaginations to become realities.

The career-driven young woman wants the affluent man who lives a life that includes, not only, money and many assets, but a winning personality, even if he isn’t that attractive or physically fit. They want the rich guy who enjoys living—looking forward to awaking each day while making her feel equally good. Many relationships suffer because men and women just don’t want to do anything more than work, eat and sleep. Some even resent having to do these things. Therefore, their lives become boring and unfulfilling routines.

A man of wealth is worth waiting for--that is if you have the time, resources, and confidence in you to keep his attention. Some women can’t attract or keep a man who makes $25,000 annually much less a man who makes a $100,000 plus, because they are too busy focusing on, “What do I get if I do this…or what about that…” They act desperate and talk as if a man is supposed to give them something even if they have done nothing to deserve a gift.

Behaving rudely to others, acting like a spoiled brat, avoiding opportunities to talk deeply about oneself, the world, and those around you, are all reasons why some intelligent, rich men will discontinue a dating relationship with some of the most beautiful women in the world. It turns them off to hear unintelligent women attempt to share personal opinion or ignore quality discussion because they don’t bother to read or watch thought-provoking news, entertainment, documentaries, or commentary.

Dating a wealthy man who is rich in mind, body and spirit will be a challenge for women who don’t have at least two out of three character traits. They need to be engaging, content with who they are, come with very little baggage, and able to take care of themselves. Not every rich man is willing to share his money. Some have obligations from demanding workplace responsibilities to children from a previous relationship that require their attention, so at times they will not be attentive to partners.

How the man balances his personal relationship with other tasks will be a factor that a date might want to consider before making herself intimately available to the rich man. Broken-hearted women have learned the hard way that there are many rich men who will not stay interested in them just because they had sex with them. Unlike high school, a young woman having sex with a wealthy man doesn’t mean that they are now boyfriend and girlfriend.

Think about how much you can handle when it comes to dating a rich man before you decide to talk to him about being exclusive.

1. How dedicated is he to his career? Does he spend long hours at work? How do you feel about this?

2. Does he make himself available to you or do you find that he is often making excuses as to why he can’t be with you on certain days, times, etc.?

3. Do you personally believe that this man is the one for you or do you find yourself trying to make a round peg fit in a square hole when you are with him just because he is rich?

4. Are you physically attracted to him and do you find yourself having to talk yourself into dating him even though your body says, “He’s not the one?”

5. What kind of relationship does he have with loved ones, friends and others?

6. Do you find the man you are dating greedy and materialistic? How does his behavior measure up to your own?

7. How important is riches to you? Are you doing things other than dating rich men to create your own wealth?

Once you have asked yourself these questions, establish some dating boundaries, if you haven’t already, while making some serious life decisions that will protect your personal happiness and peace.

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