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Advice for Mature Rich Men Who Prefer to Remain Single

Free to date whoever you want, to spend money how you like, and go to places you have never been before, as a successful man, you don’t entertain the thought of being in a committed relationship. Yet, there are those damsels in distress that very much want to marry you. What should you do?

Tell the young women you date the truth about feelings when it comes to committed relationships. Even if they don’t like what you say, at least they will respect you for speaking the truth. “I am not interested in being married…I like being single.” Don’t make these women feel like you will one day be ready to marry any of them when you know that is the furthest thing from the truth. If a love starved young woman even picks up that there is a possibility that you will wed her, she just might forget to take the pill. If you don’t want to be a father either, then don’t make her think you are open to that too right now or in the near future. Some women will take what you say and run with it!

Don’t buy gifts that lead young women into thinking you will marry them. From rings to wedding relics, if it has a committed theme to it, pass the gift up. Even though a ring isn’t an engagement ring or a promise ring, it is still a ring, and when a woman wears a ring from a man, it makes her feel like she is number one in his life. A band is a symbol that means eternal or forever, so when she looks at the ring you place on her finger, she can’t help but hope for a future with you especially if it is a very expensive ring.

Do other things besides make yourself available to date whenever she calls. Some women will expect their dates to call them like they would if they were in a marriage. But a courtship or dating has different meanings to different people. Get it understood with your young date what you consider the dating experience to be. Is it exclusive or not? Will you be calling her daily or should she expect to hear from you every now and then? Are you both free to see other people? Is this a sexual relationship or do you consider her a friend (without benefits)? She needs to know what your views are when it comes to dating.

Remind your date that you wish not to date exclusively or get married if she should be “falling in love with you” or “desire to have your baby one day.” The young woman may allude to what a future might look like with you from her viewpoint. The minute you pick up on things like: marriage, baby, engagement, exclusivity, or anything else related to commitment, remind her what you two agreed on and if it is beginning to be a bit much to date her, then back off, don’t string her along while hoping she will stop with the marriage and baby talk.

Protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy and disease. There is no way to know what is going on with a young woman internally in the early days of dating her. A pregnancy can be hidden and so can STDs. She can stay away from you for some time and act as if everything is relatively normal. If any of these things has or is happening to you, then you will need to communicate your challenges. A date might be thinking that you are committed to her; because of something you said or did for her. Meanwhile, you have your own share of issues with possibly other women.

Being single is something that one should never take for granted. A mature, rich man can utilize his time in a way that helps him personally and professionally. However, far too many wealthy, lonely men allow their free time to be suffocated with dating women and the end result is typically: broken hearts, empty bank accounts, unwanted babies, and disease.

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