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6 Things to do after the Rich Man has Cheated

Discovering someone has betrayed you in some way can be hurtful and cause one to want to do some devious things to get revenge, but before you do something you might regret. You may want to ponder a better plan where you come out looking like the mature and responsible woman you know you are.

One. Share your experience with someone or a group you trust (preferably one that doesn’t know your wealthy partner).

Cheating is not a topic that women like to share with just anyone especially if they are intimately involved with affluent, married men. So when you are ready to confide in someone, choose a person who has been cheated on as well as a person who has never experienced cheating to get differing perspectives. The communication with others helps your mind stay sane.

Two. Keep yourself busy by bettering you.

The best thing you can do to get over someone, especially a rich man, is not to find another to replace him or her—contrary to what many dating advice books state, but to focus on yourself! What are the things you most want to accomplish without the distraction of meeting someone else’s needs? A rich man becomes wealthy because at some point in his life, he was determined to make life happen for him and not for everyone else! So be sure you are doing something that makes you happy.

Three. Don’t pay him back by behaving like him.

Cheaters who are angered that they got caught, don’t mind showing off their new partners to exes as a way to make them feel better. By doing what he does, you give your power away because rather than focusing on moving on, you are more concerned about getting a rise in him.

Four. When you feel insecure, angry or desire to break up, tell him.

If you are still in a relationship with a cheater, you will need to communicate your feelings to him so as not to do or say unhealthy things to others who have nothing to do with your pain.

Five. Make plans to exit the relationship if you feel like you can’t forgive him.

Hurt people will obsess over all that went wrong to the point that some go mad. If you find yourself constantly complaining, worrying and stressing about any number of things that directly or indirectly have something to do with your partner, move on. Don’t allow the rich man’s assets to dictate if and when you should leave the relationship.

Six. Stop investing money and time in the relationship especially when you know he has expressed disinterest.

Wealthy men know how to save their money while the poor spend their earnings. In relationships, the one with the most money will find ways to protect his while he uses his partner’s wages. No matter what the issue, create a plan to keep what you have and don’t give up anymore of what you do or don’t have.

Women who have suffered much with their cheating partners, survive. Most rid themselves of their emotional abusers. They go on to have healthy romances with partners who sincerely love and respect them.

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